Arthur Francis Dralle

DralleA-ArtSrInSoldierUniform.jpg (37078 bytes)Arthur Francis Dralle as written by his son Arthur Jr.

Arthur Francis Dralle was born on December 5, 1919 to Friedrich Wilhelm Dralle and Emily (Braun) Dralle in Baltimore, Maryland. He lived many years in Baltimore and in the Bronx and Queens, New York. Even while living in New York, many occasions saw him traveling to Baltimore on the train to see friends. Arthur's mothers family, the Braun's resided there. Arthur also lived with his sister Betty and her husband Fred for a while.

One story I remember my Tanta Paula telling me was - The Braun's must not have really cared from my grandfather (Pops) because he wasn't as educated as them. Pops had come from Bremen in northern Germany which was considered part of Prussia. The Braun's were also a more elite breed of family. The Dralle family was living for a while with the Braun's in Baltimore when 'Pops' finally got tired of them and loaded up the wagon and moved his family back to New York.

Arthur loved scouting. He was a member of the Boy Scouts in Manhattan. His father seemed to have disapproved of him wearing a uniform and didn't really want him in scouting. Arthur also later joined the Conservation Group and spent many weekends on the Conservation property on the Palisades. He used to take the ferry over from Yonkers to get there.

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Arthur with his nieces

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Arthur with nieces Jean & Ruth

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Arthur only finished school through grade 9. He tried becoming a police officer in New York but ended up enlisting in the U.S. Army on August 16,.1934. (Ser. #6 719 937) He arrived at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii 12.1.1935, assigned to Company H, 19th Infantry. About May 1935, assigned Special Duty with the Post School Headquarters as Transportation Clerk, Company E, 27th Infantry. A promotion to Private, First Class resulted in a change back to the 19th Infantry, this time to Company A. Later promoted to Corporal. Remained with the Post School Headquarters until 7.12.1936. (A scrapbook of his stay at Schofield Barracks is at the Post Museum)

While in the Army, Arthur lived for some time in Redwood City near San Francisco, California. He was stationed most of his career at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii. Arthur loved Hawaii and lived there until 1954, almost twenty years.

After his stint in the Army, Arthur had a few careers. I remember him telling me that he worked for the Telephone company climbing poles as a lineman. I also remember him being a cowboy on a ranch in Hawaii. H started working for the Dole Pineapple company and also became a Police Officer in the Reserves. While on duty, November 7, 1941, Arthur witnessed the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He had a 1937 Chevy coupe at the time and he was driving down a lonely road when a Japanese Zero came heading his way. He dove out of the car, it crashing into a ditch and getting spattered with bullet holes. I remember seeing a picture of the car but I believe Arthur had sent the picture to the Schofield Army Base museum along with much memorabilia from his stay there.

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While in Hawaii, Arthur also experienced the great tidal wave that occurred about 7 a.m. on April 1, 1946 (or the day before). He had pictures showing the condition of his house in Mokuleia, Oahu afterwards. Arthur had heard the dog barking and awoke to hear the thunder of the water coming. He just barely had enough time to get the dog into his jeep and take off. According to the writings, his house moved about 60 feet one way and then another 90 feet back the other way. I also understand he lost his horse in the tidal wave.

Arthur worked for the Dole Pineapple Company.  He became the President of the local chapter of the NRA - National Rifle Association. His picture even graced a cover of the magazine produced by the Dole Pineapple company.

Sometime in the 40s while working as head field auditor of the Dole Pineapple Co., Arthur met Jane Louise Rosenberger who had come to Lanai for a teaching job with the Dole company. On December 19, 1948, both Arthur and Jane were married in Winchester, Virginia. The two of them continued to live in Lanai when in December 12, 1949, a son, Arthur Francis Dralle Jr. was born.

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In 1950, the family moved to Kailua, on the north eastern shore of Oahu. They lived there until 1952, the family moved to Ponape, in the Micronesia. Arthur got a civil service job there. In 1954 Arthur became employed by the USN - Civil Service and the family moved to Guam.

On December 6, 1958, a daughter, Susan Lynn Dralle was born. This was the second and last child born.

Arthur loved horses. For many years, Arthur and his son would go down to the beach where there were riding stables and rent horses for about an hour. This occurred just about every Sunday up until November 1962

On November 1962, Arthur experienced another disaster. Typhoon Karen with sustained winds of 180 mph and gusts to 207 mph. This was his third large catastrophe he had experienced. The other two being the tidal wave and the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

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During his years living on Guam, Arthur and his family visited the United States many times visiting family and sightseeing. They also visited the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Okinawa.

Arthur was also an avid bowler. He spent many Saturday nights on a league. This was also spaghetti night. Arthur didn't really care for spaghetti so his family ate it while he was away bowling.

Because of his job with the Navy, Arthur met many officers and enlisted men of the Chinese Navy of Taiwan. He often had them over often at his house. Knowing these people, Arthur visited Taiwan and met with these friends many times. His last visit to Taiwan was terrible. Arthur caught a bad case of Pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. Much damage was done to his lungs and until the time of his death, Arthur's emphysema was very bad.

Arthur continued to work for the USN and live in Guam until his retirement in 1977.

DralleA-Arthur1981Internment-a.jpg (54626 bytes) DralleA-Arthur1981Internment-aa.jpg (73373 bytes)Internment Site In the summer of 1977, Arthur, Jane and Susan moved to Phoenix, Arizona. They chose Phoenix because of his health.

In October 1979, Arthur made one last trip to New York to see his three sisters.

On December 11th 1980, Arthur passed away. Arthur was cremated in Phoenix and his ashes were brought to the Palisade the following summer. Jane and his son Arthur Jr. decided that it would be a great resting place for him since he loved going there in his younger days.