Arthur Francis Dralle, Jr.

The Lanaian, Friday, December 16, 1949 - Stork News

A son, Arthur Francis, their first child, was born to Mr. And Mrs. Arthur F. Dralle at Lanai City Hospital on Dec. 12 1949 and weighed 6 lbs. 13 1/2 oz. Mother and child are reported doing well. Mrs. Dralle is the former Miss Jane Rosenberger and was a mathematics teacher at Lanai High School before her marriage to Mr. Dralle, who is with Hawaiian Pineapple Co., Ltd here. Mr. Dralle is our faithful Rifle & Pistol Club correspondent. We are sure the new laddie will have every opportunity to grow up to be good in math and a good shot!


The Winchester Star - @December 16, 1949
Dralles Announce Birth of Son

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Dralle announce the birth of a son born Dec. 12 in Lanai City, Lanai, Territory of Hawaii. They have named the child Arthur Francis Dralle Jr.

Mrs. Dralle is the former Miss Jane Rosenberger, daughter of Mrs. J.A. Rosenberger, Peyton St.


DralleAJr-ArtJr about 1966 10th grade.jpg (11937 bytes)DralleAJr-ArthurGraduate.jpg (11712 bytes)Arthur Francis Dralle Jr - Autobiography

Arthur Francis Dralle Jr. was born on December 12, 1949 to Arthur Francis Dralle and Jane Louise Rosenberger Dralle. He was born on the island of Lanai, Hawaii in Lanai City. Both of Arthur's parents worked for the Dole Pineapple Company. Arthur lived on Lanai for only about two months before the family moved to the city of Kailua on Oahu.

Arthur doesn't remember, but he visited the United States and his grandparent in 1951 soon after he was born. Only his grandmothers were alive to see him. His mother said that on this trip, his Tanta Emilie tried feeding him liver but that he wouldn't have anything to do with it. They were also worried that his mother couldn't keep any shoes or diapers on him.

In 1952, the family moved to the Micronesian island of Ponape. On Ponape, they lived in a quonset and raised chickens for eggs. I remember there being sugar cane growing in the back yard. 

In 1954, the family moved to Guam when his father got a job with the USN Civil Service. We lived in the Trust Territory Hotel for a while before finding housing of our own. I remember the hotel very well. It was like camping. They had outdoor movies out in the front yard. We ate ice cream from little paper cups with flat wooden spoons.               

Soon, we found a house in Tamuning but was only there for a little while before finding another house in Tamuning that we would stay in for long time. The owners became very good friends of ours. I remember my dad building a large concrete block barbecue in the back yard and roasting a pig from the owners farm. They had annual New Years parties there with all the households.

The house we lived in actually had one unit on the bottom, where we lived, and three units on the second floor. Most of the renters were from the Air Force. One family upstairs had a TV and this is where we spent a night or two watching Wagon Train or The Gray Ghost.

In the summer of 1956, the family made another trip to the United States. They flew to San Francisco and purchased a brand new 1956 Chevrolet and drove it across the country. We traveled on the famous Route 66. We visited Yellowstone National Park and counted 44 bears. On the way back to San Francisco, we drove the car through a big redwood tree. The Chevy was shipped back to Guam.

DralleAJr-ArtJaneArthurSusan.jpg (40809 bytes)

Grades 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 were spent at Wettengel Elementary School, 2nd grade I attended Adelupe Elementary School.

In 1957, the family visited the Philippines. Their backyard neighbors in Kailua, the Smiths, lived there and we were going to visit them. They lived very closed to the beach so many days were spent there when driving around to the sights wasn't.

On December 6, 1958, Arthur got a sister. Susan Lynn was born about 1/2 hour after her dad's birthday.

In 1960, another trip was made to the U.S. This trip took us to Biloxi Mississippi to visit friends before boarding a train to Washington D.C. where Uncle Gus and Aunt Emily picked us up. They lived in Annandale Virginia not too far away.

Over the next few summers, the family visited Japan four times, Taiwan twice, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

In 1965, another trip to the U.S. was started. This time, mother, Arthur and Susan started early in the summer with out dad. They bought Greyhound tickets and cruised the country this was. It was a great deal. $99 each. I remember visiting Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico before arriving in Washington D.C. to visit relatives in Winchester, VA. This summer was memorable. While visiting my Aunt Emily's family in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, my cousins Richard, Jimmy, and I took a bus and subway to the Worlds Fair in Queens, New York.

We also visited my fathers side of the family in New York. Back on the bus, we stopped in Rapid City, SD and took a tour of the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore.

Arthur spent his high school years, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 at Tumon Jr. Sr. High School which later changed its name to John F. Kennedy High School.

In June 1968, Arthur graduated from John F. Kennedy High School. In September 1968, Arthur started at the University of Guam. He only spent one semester there before joining the US Navy.

During Christmas break in 1968, Arthur and two of his friends visited Japan for a week on their own None of us had proper clothes for the freezing temperatures for Japan that time of year.

DralleAJr-1969.03 Guam-Arthur swearing in.jpg (169976 bytes)

In February 1969, Arthur joined the U.S. Navy and was shipped off to San Diego , California for basic training. He trained for about 80 days before it was noted that he had a hearing loss. Arthur had done well in his tests and was guaranteed a school of his choice. Arthur chose Aviation Electronics / Air Traffic Controller. Because he had the good test scores but bad hearing, the Navy recommended Arthur for a honorable discharge. Arthur was then shipped back to Guam for discharge May 22, 1969.

Within a week, Arthur flew to Los Angeles, California to stay with some friends in Newbury Park. These were friends who used to live across the street from him. Arthur bought a red 1957 Chevrolet and started working for Burroughs Corp, a computer factory, and then Kinneys Shoes. These were only short term jobs.

In September 1969, Arthur started working for State Farm Insurance Co. in Santa Ana, California. He started in the mailroom and in the stockroom. He hired in as a trainee for the new office being built in Westlake Village which was very close to his friends in Newbury Park. In December, the new office opened. Around May 1970, Arthur was hired into the Data Processing department of State Farm. Arthur worked his way up the rest of his career in this area.

In the summer of 1977, Arthur's parents and sister moved from Guam to Phoenix, Arizona. It had been 8 years since Arthur had been able to see them for more than just at vacation time. Arthur's family moved to Arizona because of his father's illness with emphysema.

On December 11,1980, the day before Arthur's birthday, his father passed away. In the following months, Arthur and his mother took his fathers ashes and strew them at a spot at the Palisades on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River. Shortly after his fathers death, Arthur's mother moved back to Winchester, VA where she was born and raised.

Soon after his fathers death, Arthur became more interested in genealogy. He was very fortunate that his Aunt Ginny had kept many old newspapers that the family had collected over the years. It had a lot of information with dates. Through these papers, Arthur was able to go all the way back to 1831 on his mother's side.

In 1985, Arthur had sent letters to the Archives place in Bremen, Germany to try and discover more about his father's side. Both of Arthur's paternal grandparents were emigrants from Germany. His grandfather was from Bremen, and his grandmother from Wiesbaden. Arthur received a letter from a man that worked part-time in the archive area. He sent Arthur a full list of his grandfathers brothers and sister and his parents names, births, deaths, etc. This is where he discovered his grandfathers real Germanic name. His grandfather had Anglicized Friedrich Wilhelm to William Frederick.

In 1985, Arthur's sister Susan found a new beau and moved with him to his hometown area in Massachusetts. Shortly after in June, a wedding was held. Because Susan's father was no longer living, Arthur gave away the bride.

In October 1985, Art decided to pack up and visit Germany. This trip was quite eventful. This gentleman had taken Arthur's family history back to the 1600s and also introduced him to a 2nd cousin in Bremen. Arthur visited Bremen and Germany again in October 1989. During this trip, Arthur visited the border of West-East Germany. When Arthur returned to the US, he was on a business trip just the next week, about November 11, when the Berlin Wall came tumbling down.

In October 1987, Arthur got a new job with State Farm supporting mainframe printers for the regions and moved to Bloomington, Illinois. It was here in 1990 when Arthur met Laurie Jo Demry. On November 30, 1990, Arthur and Laurie were married. They honeymooned in Cancun, Mexico. Laurie has a daughter, Meghan Elyse Toohill, from a previous marriage. During Easter break in 1991, Arthur and his new family drove to Virginia to visit and introduced them to his Mother.

DralleAJr-ArthurJrAndDemryLaurie.jpg (23862 bytes)
Laurie & Arthur F Dralle Jr
DralleAJr-ArthurJrfamily.jpg (34234 bytes)
Susan & Bob Boucher, Mom, Arthur,
Laurie & Meghan
DralleAJr-ToohillMeghan.jpg (63066 bytes)
Meghan Toohill

In June 1992, Arthur and Laurie visited Germany to meet relatives and enjoy Germany. This trip took us around Germany and also a great ride on a new train, ICE, which went 247km (150 mph). We stayed in Munich and visited the surrounding areas via bus tours.

Arthur and Laurie visited again in June 1995, this time bringing along his mother. During this trip, we visited the northern coast, North Sea, Baltic (Ost) Sea, cruised down the Rhein from Koln to Mainz. We also visited Bavaria and its castles, salt mines, and the old city of Rothenburg o.d.Tauber.

In July 1997, Arthur started a new job at State Farm. He quit supporting mainframe printers and joined the Business Services - Field Support Help desk.

In April/May 1998, Arthur and Laurie visited Germany again. This time they brought along Meghan. They attended the wedding of Claudia and Lars. Claudia is the granddaughter of Fritz, the 2nd cousin of Arthur.

On June 1st, 1999, Art and Laurie Divorced.


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