The Dralle Family and Descendants in Germany

My grandfather's brother, Christian Heinrich Ludwig, born January 7th, 1869 was the oldest child of Johann Friedrich Dralle and Rebecka Friederike Riethmueller. He did not migrate to the United States and is the connection to my German relatives in Bremen, Germany.

On December 29th, 1896, he married Anna Dorothee Elisabeth Meinecke in Oldenburg, Delmenhorst. She was born on April 18th, 1869 in Moor by Hoya.

Christian Heinrich Ludwig died on December 13th, 1943 in Bremen, Germany.

Anna had to children from a previous marriage to Dauelsberg. The children of this union were Alvin and Dietrich Dauelsberg. With Ludwig, she had five known children Friedrich Johann, Ludwig Christian Heinrich, Rebecka, Heinrich, and Martin.

DralleGer0-DralleDauelsbergAlvin.jpg (17599 bytes)Alvin Dauelsberg is believed to have been a Paymaster on the ship, 'Bremen'. There it is believed that he may be related to a 'Dauelsberg Shipping Co. Another story is that he may be a Shipping Broker. After the Second World War, he worked for the British in Missing Persons. Alvin married Frieda or Fredia. Alvin Heinrich Ludwig, son of Alvin's half-brother Ludwig Christian Heinrich Dralle became the godson of Alvin and has a picture of Alvin's wife Frieda. Alvin died November 19th, 1948 in Bremen, Germany.

DralleGer0-DralleDauelsbergDietrich.jpg (11921 bytes)Dietrich Dauelsberg was born June 2nd, 1890. It is said that he went to the U.S. about 1920, returned to Germany in 1945, and went back to the U.S. and died about 2 months later. It is also believed that he married a woman that owned a hotel in new York. It is believed in lived on 3rd Avenue near 87th Street in New York. The name of his wife may be Magdalena and that she may have owned a 5 or 6 story rooming house.

Friedrich Johann Dralle is the father of Fritz Dralle. He was born January 13th, 1898 in Delmenhorst, Bremen, Germany. He married Wilhelmina Rixen who was born July 19th, 1897 in Bremen. I was fortunate enough to meet Wilhelmina in 1989. They lived at one time on Kattenturmer-Heerstr. 313. Wilhelmina passed away in 1992.

DralleGer0-DralleFriedrichJohann.jpg (17424 bytes)  DralleGer0-DralleFriedrichJAndWilRixon.jpg (18640 bytes)  DralleGer0-DralleFriedrichJohannOnDonkey.jpg (10168 bytes)

Friedrich and Wilhelmina had 4 known children (1)Albert, died during the Second World War; (2)Ilse married Rudolf Hustedt, had one child, (1)Angela Hustedt who married Ulf Nummensen. The Nummensen's had one daughter, (a)Jenny Nummensen; (3)Fritz born August 26th, 1930 married Christa Hartlage, born July 9th, 1928.  They have 2 daughters, (1)Rita, who married Wilhelm Mehl, they have 2 children, (a)Nina and (b)Lena, and (2)Baerbel born May 4th, 1951 married on August 27th, 1971 to Manfred Voigt born November 21,1948.  have one daughter, Claudia who married Lars Turkowski December 13 1996,  They have one child, Christopher born April 4th 1997 at 1648 weighing 4000g, 52cms long; and (4)Gerd married Gisela Droese. They have two children (1)Frank Dralle and (2)Manuela Dralle.

DralleGer2-DralleCHL.jpg (14372 bytes)Ludwig Christian Heinrich Dralle was born October 20th, 1895 on Lehnstedter Str. 124 , Bremen, Germany. He emigrated to America about 1925. He was employed as Superior for Colt Firearms. He died April 22nd, 1958 in Cromwell, Middlesex, CT.. He married on January 19th, 1926 at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Hartford, CT. to Dora Sokoll. Dora was born March 11th, 1896 in Achim, Germany. Dora died February 4th, 1975. Ludwig and Dora had two sons, 

DralleGer2-DralleWilliamAndAlvin.jpg (13556 bytes)(1)Alvin Heinrich Ludwig Dralle was born February 6th, 1927 and married on November 8th, 1947 to Lucille Pinunsky. Alvin's godfather is Alvin Dauelsberg, his half-uncle. Alvin had 4 children (a)Evelyn Dora Dralle was born May 24th, 1951 in Middletown, CT. She married on June 27th, 1970 to Steven Tobias born Februrary 21st, 1949.  They have three children; (i)Jennifer Lynn Tobias born August 17th, 1974, (ii)Jessica Leigh Tobias born May 29th, 1978, and (iii)Jeffrey Scott Tobias born June 4th, 1971 married May 1st, 1993 to Bernadette Gaudino. They have two children Amanda Lynn Tobias born August 12th, 1993 and Jeffrey Scott Tobias Jr. born February 24th, 1995; (b)Karen Elizabeth Dralle was born June 30th, 1956 in Middletown, CT. She married on July 16th, 1977 to William Edward Durr born February 19th, 1953, Oceanside, NY. Karen is employed by the Aetna Life Insurance Co., Hartford CT.  They have one child (i)Erik Michael Durr born on February 25.1994; (c)William (Bill) Alvin Dralle was born March 22nd, 1959 in Middletown, CT. He is employed in Heating and Air Conditioning. He married September 29th, 1990 to Staci Dee Schwartz born September 6th, 1964.  and (d)Kurt Edward Dralle was born July 6th, 1962 in Cromwell, CT. He is employed as a Home Improvement Contractor. He married march 18th, 1989 to Carolyn Mosca, divorced November 24th, 1992. They have one child, (i)Kurt Paul Dralle born August 12th. 1989; 

(2)William Dietrich Dralle was born November 27th, 1935. His godfather is Dietrich Dauelsberg. William married on October 14th, 1977 to Evelyn Burleigh in Las Vegas, NV. 

DralleGer0-DralleVogelsangRebeckaF.jpg (16855 bytes)Rebecka Friederike Dralle was born about 1899. She married Georg Vogelsang. On my second visit to Germany in October 1989, I visited Rebecka (Tanta Betty) at her residence on Annenstr. 99, Bremen, Germany with Baerbel and Manfred. I am not sure if she really knew who I was or not. I do believe she recognized a photo of the 'Connecticut Dralle's' that I returned to her. Before we left her apartment, Betty was quite adamant that I see the rest of her place and a picture of her deceased husband before leaving. Before I was able to see her again in 1992, Betty had passed away.

DralleGer0-DralleFriedaAndHeinrich.jpg (20169 bytes)Heinrich Dralle married Frieda

Martin Dralle lived on Ottostrasse 23.

DralleGer2-DralleCHLPostcardfront.jpg (32465 bytes)These two photos are from a postcard (front and back) that was sent by Christian Heinrich Ludwig Dralle on May 20th, 1916 from Russia to his mother at 124 LehnstedterStrasse in Bremen, Germany. Alvin Heinrich Ludwig Dralle in Cromwell Connecticut is the current owner of this postcard.

DralleGer2-DralleCHLPostcardback.jpg (50027 bytes)Seeing that Ludwig is in a soldiers uniform, I suspect that he was a soldier for Germany during the First World War. The back of the postcard reads "Dear Mother, Please, save this card for me. With Love, Ludwig". It is not a very sentimental card, is it?


In 1985, I started getting a little more interested in finding out about my father's family. At this time, there was very little known about them. It was know that his grandmother came over about 1903 for a visit and that her husband was named Fred. There was also acknowledgment of a sister Betty. That was it.

I then decided to write to the Archive library in Bremen for more information. I was very surprised to receive a letter from Walter Putze who did genealogy research in his retirement years. For a fee of $10, he gave me all of the complete names, birth dates, and death dates of my grandfather Friedrich Wilhelm Dralle's siblings and parents. And later, $25 for another generation back.

That's when I became anxious to actually visit Bremen and see where my grandfather was born and raised. I called Walter Putze and eked my way through the language barrier. I told him that I was visiting in October 1985.

When I arrived in Bremen, I called Walter and let him know that I was in town. He asked me to meet me at my hotel that evening. We had dinner, and afterwards we walked to a nearby bar for a glass of wine and beer. He said that he wants me to visit him and his family at their house the next day.

DralleGer4-DralleFritzFamiily.jpg (24310 bytes)

DralleGer4DralleFritzAndBaerbelHaus.jpg (38579 bytes) DralleGer5-DralleFritzFamilyChristening.jpg (50376 bytes)
Dralle Family
Baerbel, Manfred
Christa, Fritz, Claudia
Theodor-Billroth Str. 3 and 1
Home of the Dralle's
Claudia, Baerbel, Christa, Anna, Fritz, (little girl unknown)

Around 10 A.M., Walter and his wife showed up and drove me to their house. Their daughter Annette was there. Her English was better than Walter's. Walter also speaks Norwegian and his English kept getting mixed up with it and kept me mostly confused.

This is when he showed me names and dates of relatives back to the early 1600's. He also told me that tomorrow I would actually meet a second cousin. That cousin was Fritz Dralle. Per Walter's instructions, I was to meet Fritz at my hotel for dinner.

I was nervously waiting in the lobby the next evening, when Fritz and his wife Christa arrived. We ate dinner together at the hotel and I showed them photos of the family. One photo was of Rebecka in front of her house. Rebecka is OUR great-grandmother. Fritz didn't speak much English but Christa's was great. They asked if I could come by tomorrow to visit the rest of their family, but I had already made plans to leave Bremen the next morning. Fritz and Christa decided to take me to their house that evening. There I met one of Fritz's daughters Baerbel, her husband Manfred and daughter Claudia.

It was a wonderful evening. Even though Fritz could not speak English, and I not Deutsche, We did salute to the family via Schnapps. A wonderful toast. I have become great friends of this family and have visited them often.  

DralleGer5-VoigtBaerbelAndManfred.jpg (31465 bytes)Baerbel and Manfred Voigt      

DralleGer5-TurkowskiFamily.jpg (60118 bytes)In 1998, Laurie and Meghan and I visited the family in Bremen to attend the wedding of Claudia and Lars (and Christopher). It was wonderful. The party afterwards didn't get over until around 3:30 in the morning.

Mehl Family.jpg (26985 bytes)The Mehl family Rita, Wilhelm, Lena and Nina in front of their new house.