Emilie Braun

DralleFWEB-BraunEmiliePortrait.jpg (28413 bytes)Emily (Amalie) Braun was born December 26th, 1875 in Wiesbaden (family history), Germany. She died June 22nd, 1953 in New York City, New York. She was the daughter of Jacob Braun and Henrietta (Abel) Braun. She met Friedrich Wilhelm Dralle and they married on October 22nd, 1899 in New York City.

The New York Census on the 5th and 6th day of June 1900, Borough of Manhattan show that the couple lived on 85th Street, address 129. It showed William Dralleís birth of Oct 1876, was currently 23 years of age, and immigrated from Germany in 1892, his occupation was a grocer and that Emilie Dralle was born Dec 1875, was currently 24 years of age, and immigrated from Germany in 1894.  While the 1900 Census shows Emilie as immigrating to the US in 1894, she says that she came through Castle Garden, however, Castle Garden was closed on April 18, 1890. according to history.

Emilie came to America with her parents and siblings. There is record at http://www.ellisislandrecords.org/ that shows the ship Augusta Victoria arriving in New York from Hamburg, Germany on 13.10.1894 with an Emilie Braun at 19 years of age on board. There is no proof that this is our same Emilie Braun. The records are incomplete and do not show any of the other family members.

DralleFWEB-DralleEmilieBraunWEdmund.jpg (14122 bytes)There were seven children known born of this marriage. Edmund Jacob (baptized Edmund William), Betty Henrietta, Emilie Meriam, William Frederick, Eberhard, Paula Ruth, and Arthur Francis.

Emilie was known to have worked at the U.S. Experimental Station in Annapolis, Maryland.

I was told that I visited my grandmother Emilie in 1951.  I was  just a baby (about 1 1/2 year old. I have no memory of this visit. My mother told me a story that during a visit, my grandmother and Tanta Emilie wanted to feed me liver. My mother said "no". I also understand that they were also worried about me because I couldnít keep my shoes on.

My Tanta Paula had made a list of residents that the family lived. Residents: grocery store in Soho; 82 Wadsworth Terrace, Manhattan; Bronxville, New York; Sunnyside, Queens @ after 1930; 165 St. Ogden Ave., Bronx; 225 w. 99th, Manhattan (St. Michael's church); Eastport, MD, @ 1907; Baltimore @1910 & @ 1914; 201 E. 126th St., Manhattan; Elmhurst, Queens, @1925; 4184 Park Ave., Bronx, @ 1927; 1814 Weeks Ave., Bronx.

Both Friedrich Wilhelm (William Frederick) Dralle and Emilie (Braun) Dralle were cremated and buried at Ferncliff Cemetery, Secor Road, Hartsdale, Westchester County, NY 10530, (914) 562-9321. Williamís cause of death was Heart Attack. Emilieís cause of death was Heart Trouble.

While browsing records from the Latter-Day Saints library it was discovered that the Christening for Emilie Braun was 18.1.1876, Evangelisch, Schwelm, Westfalen, Prussia.  This record had the correct names of her parents, but this area is far from Wiesbaden. Perhaps the family was originally from Wiesbaden, but were migrating northward.


DralleFWEB-PaulaA.jpg (12595 bytes)In 1977, I visited my Aunt Paula in New York. At that time, I didn't know that she had worked for the Kinney Corporation in the Woolworth building in Manhattan. Back in 1969 when I first arrived in Thousand Oaks, California, I went to work for a couple of weeks as a shoe salesman for Kinney Shoes. If I had known that Paula was the executive secretary for the company, maybe, yet maybe, I may have been able to get a better job. 

DralleFWEB-DrallePaulaEmilieAndArthur.jpg (25633 bytes)When my Aunt Paula passed away, Joan was executor of the will and after everything had been taken care of, Joan gave me a portrait of Paula as a little girl that was painted by a friend of hers, John Rockefeller. (not the famous one). It is a wonderful painting and I have it hanging in my family room.

The Woolworth Building, 233 Broadway, New York City completed in 1913, stands at a height of 792 feet, 1 inch. Conceived by Frank W. Woolworth, designed by Cass Gilbert and engineered by Gunvald Aus, it was designed and built to be the tallest building in the world


DralleFWEB-HechlerBudAndJoan.jpg (17629 bytes) When I was born, my cousin Joan Burdett was already an adult, and me, living outside the continental U.S., I didn't really get to know her very well. My sister Susan, 9 years younger than I, didn't really know her at all. When my sister decided to marry Bob, she ended up moving to Massachusetts and New Hampshire. As fate would have it, they ended up living about 30 minutes apart and have become close friends.

DralleFWEB-BurdettFamily.jpg (85374 bytes)My cousin Joan Carol Hechler was born February 22, 1932 at Fitch Sanitarium in the Bronx, New York to Henry Harold Hechler and Emilie Meriam Dralle. Joan married Albert William Burdett May 7th, 1955 at University Heights Presbyterian Church in New York. Albert was born July 6th, 1927 at University Heights Presbyterian Church, New York. Joan gave birth to 4 children Baby Burdett, stillborn October 18th, 1956 in York, Pennsylvania; Joanne Carol born November 7th, 1957 in Chicago, Illinois; Leigh Alison born March 21st, 1960 at Women's Hospital, New York; and Alison Drew born November 28th, 1962 at Women's Hospital, New York.


Joanne Carol Burdett married Robert Peter Dion August 25th, 1984. Robert was born March 30th, 1956 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Joanne and Robert have one son, Peter. Joanne Burdett Dion, M. Ed., is the Educational Director at the Nashua Children's Home in Nashua, New Hampshire. She is the Administrator responsible for special education programs within the district. Joanne has since divorced and lives in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Leigh Alison Burdett lives in Jacksonville, Florida and is in Sales & Advertising for the KISS FM radio station 97.9. 

Alison Drew Burdett lives in Nashua near her parents. She works for Silene's department stores.


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The story behind the photo on the right, "why is everyone smiling" is that someone had tooted and they older kids blamed it on little Joan.

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William Frederick III

Jean, Bill, Ruth and Joan

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1965 Dralle Reunion

Betty and Fred Eberhardt
Betty's Personal Photo Album

1966 - Betty and some of her kid and grandkids

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Aunt Betty and her grandchildren - December 1988

Ruth, Jean, Betty, Diane & Margaret -  Ruth's birthday May 19, 1990

Bill Dralle's daughters and their families

The Verzulli's