Jacob Braun and Henrietta Abel and their Family

BraunFamilyWithSon.jpg (21640 bytes)Annapolis Maryland Families by Robert Harry McIntire - Gateway Press, Inc. Baltimore 1980

page 833 ++ BRAUN, Adolph C. 81, 752; Augusta 81; Barnes L. 81; Cecelia M. 81, 679; Christian 81; Elizabeth 192; Elsie F. 81; Frederic X. 81; Herman 577; James 81; Louis J. 81; Margaret B. 81; Olga H. 81; Otto 81; Rudolph 81; Sue (Melvin) 272. BRAUNS, Carl A. 81; Elsie M. 81.

page 81 ++ JAMES BRAUN m. HENRIETTA ABEL, b. Coblenz, Germany, Apr. 5, 1841; d. Mar. 20, 1913. Had BRAUN) a. Augusta, Dec. 27, 1867. b. Adolph Carl, b. 1872; q.v. c. Otto, b. abt. 1879; butcher; drowned in Severn, June 3, 1906, unm. ADOLPH CARL BRAUN, b. 1872; butcher, Eastport; d. Balt., July 20, 1961;m. NYC, Apr. 3, 1900, PAULINE WENZ, q.v., b. 1878; d. Norman, Okla, Apr. 13, 1973, aged 94. Had (BRAUN) a. Elsie Frieda, b. Oct. 22, 1903; res. Daytona Beach, 1973; m. Harold J. Fallows. b. Olga Henrietta, b. Feb 5, 1910; m. Carl George Sennhenn. Had (Sennhenn) i.Carl George, Jr., b. May 24, 1936. ii. Marlene. iii. Gordon Harold, b. Sept. 13, 1944. RUDOLPH BRAUN, son of Christian and Joanna (Bruberger) Braun, b. Oct. 24, 1868; m. Augusta ------. Had (Braun) Otto Joseph, b. May 6, 1899; auto mech.

page 752 ++ JACOB WENZ m. ELIZABETH -----, who d. Annapolis, Dec. 17, 1932. had 9 ch. (WENZ) b. Germany incl a. Frieda, b. Sept. 14, 1872; m. Charles George Koch, q.v. b. Emma, b. 1876; m. John Wilhelm Heinbuch, q.v. c. Pauline, b. 1878; m. Adolph Carl Braun, q.v. d. Lena Helen, b. abt. 1883; m. (1) --- Haupt; m. (2) William Henry Hambrock, q.v. Had (Haupt) i. Harry Albert, b. abt. 1902; electn, res Hempstead, NY; m. Apr. 22,1925, Daisy Viola Brown, q.v., b. abt. 1904. Had dau. b. NYC, Apr. 12, 1926. ii. Edwin. iii. Clifford.

A silver watch was handed down to Arthur F Dralle, Jr. and has been now handed down to his cousin Joan's daughter Joanne. Joanne has a son Peter that she may one day hand the watch down to as a family keepsake.

BraunFamily.jpg (31933 bytes)Immigration The Braun family came to America about 1892. The family decided that they would stay but they had to return to Germany to close up the home and shop. Emily wasn't feeling well at the time so she stayed here while the family went back to get Otto who had remained in Germany at this time. The oldest son Rudolf decided to remain in Germany and never emigrated

Citizen Emily never became a citizen of the U.S. until sometime during WWII when she discovered that she wasn't a citizen just because she was married to a citizen.