Johann Friedrich Dralle
and Rebecka Friederike Riethmueller 

DralleRietmueller-RebeckaInChair.jpg (39554 bytes)Tidbit about Rebecka Friederike Riethmueller Dralle

It has been told to me by my Aunt Paula that her grandmother, Rebecka Friederike Riethmueller Dralle had been aboard a ship that sailed around the Cape of Good Hope, Africa on her way to the Orient. There are no facts to backup this story. This is just good family history.


DralleRiethmueller-RebeckaAtHome.jpg (40588 bytes)Where is Betty?

If you take a real close look in the picture of the house that Rebecka is standing in front , you can see what appears to be a girl peering out of the upstairs middle window. Is this grandfather's sister Betty? Why is she not included in the picture. The picture is titled "Zur Erinnerung An Das Elternhaus" which means "to the memory of your parents house".

The address of this house is Buntentorsteinweg 164 in Bremen, Germany.  This house still stands today but in a very poor condition. The downstairs front door and window have been made smaller, probably for a more efficient energy system. The house is most recognized due to the upstairs ornamentation.


DralleRietmueller-RebeckaAndSonsFamily.jpg (32178 bytes)Where is my Tanta Emilie?

If you take a look at the family picture, you will notice that my grandmother is pregnant. The newly to arrive child will be named Emilie Meriam. Others in the picture are Willi Dralle with son Edmund, Rebecka, Betty, & Emilie.

It is know that Rebecka (Betti) visited America twice.  Once in 1895 aboard the Oldenburg, and again in 1903, estimating that grandmother was expecting Emilie who was born November 1903.


shipOldenburg bigger.jpg (17630 bytes)The Passenger Records of the ship The Oldenburg show that Betti Dralle arrived from Bremen in New York on May 29, 1895 at 52 years of age (page 197).  This information was found at Family History At ELLIS ISLAND 

OLDENBURG (there are 3 accounts)
The OLDENBURG was a 5,006 gross ton ship built by Fairfield Co Ltd, Glasgow in 1890 for Norddeutscher Lloyd [North German Lloyd] of Bremen. Her details were - length 415ft x beam 48ft, straight stem, one funnel, two masts, single screw and a speed of 13 knots. There was accommodation for 49-1st, 38-2nd and 1,901-3rd class passengers. Launched on 13/12/1890, she sailed from Bremen on her maiden voyage to Montevideo and Buenos Aires on 11/2/1891. On 11/6/1891 she commenced her first voyage from Bremen to Baltimore, 18/2/1892 her first from Bremen to New York, 22/6/1892 her first from Bremen via Suez to the Far East, and on 26/10/1892 her first from Bremen via Suez to Australia. On 3/3/1904 she started her last Bremen - Far East voyage (8 Round Voyages), 19/1/1905 her last Bremen - Baltimore voyage, and 18/4/1906 her last Bremen to Australia (18 round voyages). She resumed Bremen - South America sailings on 25/8/1906 and on 10/4/1910 commenced her last Bremen - New York crossing (24 round voyages on the North Atlantic). She commenced her final Bremen - S.America voyage on 12/11/1910 and in 1911 was sold to Turkish owners and renamed AK-DENIZ. She was scrapped in 1923. [North Atlantic Seaway by N.R.P.Bonsor, vol.2,p.556]

ship - The Oldenburg.jpg (30715 bytes)Oldenburg
Built by Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineering Company, Glasgow, Scotland, 1891. 5,006 gross tons; 415 (bp) feet long; 48 feet wide. Steam triple expansion engine, single screw. Service speed 13 knots. 1,988 passengers (49 first class, 38 second class, 1,901 third class). Built for North German Lloyd, German flag, in 1891 and named Oldenburg. Bremerhaven-New York service. Sold to Turkish buyers, in 1911 and renamed Ak-Deniz. Scrapped in 1923.

SS Oldenburg
The SS Oldenburg was built in 1890 by the Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. of Glasgow, Scotland for the Norddeutscher Lloyd Co. of Germany. She was 415 feet long, 48 feet wide, and 31.3 feet in depth, and had a registered gross weight of 5006 tons. The steamer had a speed of 13 knots and was powered by a single screw. She had triple expansion engines with cylinder diameters of 31, 52, and 83 inches and a 54 inch stroke that delivered 3600 horse power. The ship had four decks, two masts and one funnel and was equipped with electric lights. She was designed to carry 49 first-class, 38 second-class, and 1900 third-class passengers.

The Oldenburg was launched on February 11, 1891 and made her maiden voyage from Bremen to Montevideo and Buenos Aires on June 11, 1891. Her first voyage to Baltimore was on February 18, 1892. Three years later, on May 16, 1895, she left Bremen with eight very special passengers, the Julius Maass family. According to the manifest, Capt. R. Heintze was at the helm.

After making many more round trips between Bremen and New York, Baltimore, and ports in South America, she was sold to Turkey in 1911 and renamed the Ak-Deniz. In 1923 she was scrapped. Other sister ships in this class were the Darmstadt, the Gera, the Karlsruhe, the Stuttgart, and the Weimar.

Source: Smith, Eugene W. 1978. Passenger Ships of the World - Past and Present.