John Robert Alexander Rosenberger

RosenbergerJRA.jpg (28511 bytes)The Evening Star, Winchester Virginia, Monday, May 1, 1933
Death Summons Mr. Rosenberger, Ill A Long Time

Knights of Pythias to perform rites at his graveside tomorrow.

An illness that began about three years ago terminated late Saturday night in the death of John A. R. Rosenberger, for many years a well-known citizen of Winchester. The end came quietly and peacefully at 1115 o'clock at his home at the Old Smith Gardens estate on Amherst street extended, where he had resided for a number of years.

Mr. Rosenberger had passed through several spells of serious illness in the last three years, and was for some time a patient in Memorial Hospital. He recovered sufficiently to be out of doors for a while, but for some weeks had been confined to his home.

Native of Rockingham

RosenbergerJRAYounger.jpg (9654 bytes)Mr. Rosenberger was a native of Bridgewater, Rockingham County, Virginia, but most of his life had been spent in Winchester. He had a wide acquaintance among the people of this city and surrounding country, and was held in high regard by all his friends.

He was the son of the late Alexander and Mary Louise Payne Rosenberger, and came here with his parents many years ago when he was a boy, His father being associated with O.P. Grove in the tinning and stove business here.

Mr. Rosenberger was for many years connected with the clothing store of the late S.H. Hable, and later with the late W.O. Horsey in the same capacity. He was highly successful as a salesman and his services were valued and appreciated by those with whom he was associated.

RosenbergerHeadstoneRosenbergersAndHennie.jpg (16728 bytes)In more recent years he was connected with the local office of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, and in that line of work he was likewise energetic and successful and turned a large amount of business into the office of the company.

Mr. Rosenberger was married January 22, 1913, to miss Mary S. Fuller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Fuller, of the Steele Gardens homeplace. He is survived by his widow and three daughters, Misses Mary Virginia, Jane and Emily Rosenberger, all at home, and one sister, Mrs. Emma Affleck, of South Cameron street.

Mr. Rosenberger was one of the oldest members in Point of Membership of Winchester Lodge, No. 65, Knights of Pythias, and had held numerous offices in the local lodge during the many years he was identified with the fraternity. The lodge will attend his funeral in a body, and will perform Pythian rites at the grave.

Funeral Tomorrow

The funeral will take place from his late home, No. 338 Amherst street, at 5 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Services there will be conducted by the Rev. Dr. F.T. McFaden, pastor of Loudon Street Presbyterian church, in the absence of the Rev. Wallace M. Brashears, Pastor of Market Street Methodist Church, who has been called out of town on account of the death of his mother.

Internment will be in the family lot in Mount Hebron Cemetery. Pallbearers will be George B. Bushnell, Lewis Pearson, O.T. Ritter, J.M. Spurr and Leonard I. Miller, members of the Knights of Pythias Lodge, and O.L. Jamison


John Robert Alexander died from Cancer of the liver or intestines

watchRosenberger.jpg (124865 bytes)A gold watch from John Robert Alexander Rosenberger with blue face handed down to Arthur F Dralle Jr.


The Winchester Evening Start, Winchester, Virginia, Saturday, June 2, 1928
Miss Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins is spending some time in Washington, D.C., and Alexandria, Va, as the guest of relatives.

Comment It is believed that John Robert Alexander Rosenberger had been married previously to a woman by the name of Jenkins and that they had a daughter of this union possibly named Julia.  It is believed that this child married a man named Woodward who might have either owned a barbershop or an ice cream parlor. There are no facts but an article dated June 2, 1928 in the Winchester Times kept by the family holds to this story.