Susan Lynn Dralle

Susan Lynn Dralle as written by Arthur F. Dralle, Jr.
Susan was born December 6th, 1958 about a half hour late to be born on her father's birthday. She was born at the Naval Hospital on the island of Guam in the Mariana Islands. (more on Guam)

Her father, Arthur Francis Dralle, worked at the Naval Supply Depot and her mother, Jane R. Dralle was a math and algebra teacher at John F. Kennedy High school. Susan has one brother, Arthur Francis Dralle, Jr.  

The Dralle's resided at their residence off of Hospital Road. They rented this home from Mike and Filamena Miguel.

Susan attended an elementary school nearby and also went to St Johns Episcopal school where she graduated in the Honor Society.

Susan went on many family vacations to Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and the States.

In the summer of 1977, Susan moved to the USA with her parents. They lived in Phoenix, Arizona. Susan got herself a job with a travel agency. In December 1980, her father passed away. Shortly after her father's death, her mother moved to Winchester, Virginia. Susan stayed in Arizona and moved to Scottsdale.

It was in these years when she met Robert Boucher. Susan and Robert moved to Lowell, Massachusetts and got married June 21st, 1986 at St Catherine's church in Westford, Massachusetts. They later moved to Pelham, New Hampshire where they built their own home.

Susan is a travel agent for the Cabot Corporation in  Massachusetts and her husband is a home builder and remodeler.

They have had 4 dogs over the last few years. The first was a black lab named Stetson. The second, Harper, the third, Larson, and the fourth, Gracie.  

On December 1st, 1999, Susan's mother Jane passed away.

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Susan's Graduation


Bob & Susan Boucher

Bob & Susan Boucher