Shenandoah Valley Pioneers and Their Descendants

A History of Frederick County, Virginia, page 459-460

The Affleck Family

This family made its first appearance in Frederick in the early part of the 19th Century (1818). We find several brothers and sisters of this name living with their aged mother on what was known as the old Holmes farm in 1843. The mother evidently was the widow of James, who had married Marion Gladstone. James Affleck and Marion Gladstone were married in the County of Peebles, Scotland, July 19, 1799. (Extracts from the Session Record of Drumelzier). Children by this union were James Affleck, John G., Robert F., Christiana, Alexander Gladstone, Jean Twedeep, Betty, William, Nancy Glass, and Marion Holmes.

After their arrival in America, a sister, Mrs. Jane Affleck Tait, husband and family came to this country and settled in Washington City. Their descendants still reside there. James Affleck, the emigrant, was born in Scotland 1776, and died Nov. 16, 1828. His wife was born 1779 and died 1844.

James Affleck, their oldest child, married Miss Hotzenpeller. Children by this union were John H., James, Betsy J., Nannie, Margaret and Ellen. John married Miss Keckley; their Children are James R., married Hannah, dau. of Thomas Cook, an Englishman. His sister Mary married James R. Koontz. Her brother William married Mrs. Rosenberger; Sally, another daughter, married Mr. Hottle. Her sister Susan married George W. Hillyard, Jr. J. Edward is married and lives in Winchester. Dick, the youngest, is at home with his mother.

James Affleck, brother of John H., married Miss Baker, of Shenandoah County; lived and Died in that county; left two children Arthur who lives in South end of Winchester, and his sister who married a son of Wesley J. Carper. Both have children.

Margaret Affleck, dau. of James and Catherine Hotzenpeller, married Jonathan M. Gibbons. They left several children.

Nanny V., her sister, married Manson P. Smith in 1871. Mr. S. is a prosperous farmer and miller on Cedar Creek; and is the father of Mary B., Catherine A., and James R. Smith.

Ellen Affleck, sister of Mrs. Smith, married John Campbell, near Stephens City. He has one son living at that place.

Alexander Gladstone Affleck, son of the emigrant, married Ann E. Hoover, of Kernstown, Oct. 13, 1835. He was the father of six children, viz Philip J. Affleck, married and lived in Berryville. He was a well-known bugler in the Confederate Army.

Marion L., Ann V., Scott A., married, and is the well-known farm implement dealer in Winchester.

John William, married, and associated with his brother.

Francis R., unmarried.

One of the daughters married Col. Solomon Pritchard; his daughter has his sword and vest. She lives with her aunt Miss Fannie Affleck (Francis R.), who has many interesting matters of history pertaining to their distinguished relative, William E. Gladstone, Prime Minister of England under Queen Victoria.

Ann Hoover mentioned in this connection, was a descendant of John Hendrick Hober, who came from Holland in 1766. His passport issued by that government, written in Dutch, and certified under seal, is well preserved and shows he was a native of Switzerland.