Adam Sierer and Mary Jane Knight 

SiererAdamAndMaryJaneKnight.jpg (35589 bytes)Franklin Repository, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Friday Evening, September 27, 1895

Badly Burned

An Old Gentleman Falls Against a Hot Stove and is Seriously Hurt

Mr. Adam Sierer, who is employed by his brother Henry Sierer at Sierer & Co's Furniture Factory, Made up the fire in the dry house this morning between 8 and 9 o'clock. Not long after he went to the building, a young man ran to foreman D.J. Simmers and told him Mr. Sierer was lying in the dry house on fire. Mr. Simmers ran to his aid and found his shirt sleeve and vest on fire and extinguished the flames. Two Physicians were summoned and after being given surgical attention the injured man was taken to his home on West King street. His right shoulder and right arm down to his wrist are badly burned, especially the shoulder.

Mr. Sierer had made a hot fire in the stove and was taken with an attack of vertigo and fell against the stove. He is nearly 75 years old but is doing well at this time.

Valley Spirit, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Monday Evening, October 7,1895

The "Spirits" Obituary List Franklin County People Who Have Been Summoned to Another World.

Sierer.-Adam Sierer Died at his residence, West King street, Saturday night at 9 o'clock. Mr. Sierer was fatally burned Friday, Sept 27 in the dry kiln of H. Sierer & Co's furniture manufactory. He was replenishing the fire in a large wood stove when he was seized with vertigo and fell against the stove door. His right shoulder was roasted and his arm was burned. He suffered much pain from his injuries but his death was painless.

Mr. Sierer was born near Cleversburg, Cumberland county, in March 1820. He was raised on a farm and in his early manhood, until he was 35 years old, burned charcoal for the Caledonia iron furnace. In 1856 he removed to Shippensburg and engaged in the forwarding business. He purchased a large warehouse there and ran his own cars to Philadelphia with all kinds of produce. In about 1876 the C.V. railroad company purchased the warehouses and cars of all the shippers along the line and Mr. Sierer removed to Chambersburg.

Here he enter the employ of H. Sierer & Co. and worked in the finishing department until his eyesight failed, about two years ago. He then for a while did not engage in any work but could not remain idle and returned to the manufactory where he took charge of the fires and other light work.

Mr. Sierer was not a member of any church but was a regular attendant upon the services in the M.E. sanctuary. He was twice married. To his first wife on son, Edward, was born. He Died some years ago and his widow and family reside on South Second street.

Mr. Sierer was married a second time Oct. 5, 1854, just forty-one years before his death. His wife and six children survive him. The Children are Mrs. Virgie, wife of Charles Fuller, Winchester, Virginia; May, Mrs. Libbie, wife of M.D? Lemaster; Nannie, William and John. Mr. Sierer was a most estimable man, the soul of honesty, active beyond his years and was never satisfied unless he was engaged at some kind of work.

Two brothers and one sister, Henry and Joseph Sierer, Chambersburg, and Mrs. Mary St. Clair, Philadelphia, survive him.

Funeral Tuesday, 3 p.m. Internment in Cedar Grove Cemetery.

Adam Sierer was christened 5.10.1834 United Presb. Church, Shippensburg, Cumberland, Pa.

Franklin Repository, Chambersburg Pennsylvania, Saturday Evening, May 31, 1919

Social & Personal

Mrs. Annie Sierer of East Catharina street visited friends in Shippensburg yesterday

The Democratic News, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Friday, March 23, 1894

Mrs. Annie, wife of Mr. Wm. Sierer, Died at her home on West King street at 530 o'clock yesterday morning. She had been sick only about an hour. Her death was due to heart failure. She was 26 years old and is survived by a husband and one child. Deceased was a daughter of Mr. Wm. Stover, of the C.V.R.R. Mrs. Sierer was a member of Trinity Lutheran church and by her kindness to all made hosts of friends who extend to her bereaved husband and son their heartfelt sympathy. Funeral on Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Internment in Cedar Grove Cemetery.

Sierer-KnightMaryJane.jpg (41200 bytes)Franklin Repository, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Wednesday Evening, August 19, 1903

The Obituary Record

Mrs. Mary Jane Sierer died at her home on West King Street at 315 Wednesday morning, August 19th.

She was born at Newville, Cumberland county, in the year 1834, and was a daughter of the late Thomas Knight. She was married to Adam Sierer on the 5th of October, 1854, with whom she lived for 41 years, he dying on that anniversary.

She was consistent member of the M.E. Church for a number of years. She was a loving mother to the following children Mrs. Charles Fuller, of Winchester; Mrs. M.D. Lemaster, Mrs. Walter Ritter, Miss May, William and John, of town, and had a sister, Mrs. Lizzie Clippinger, of Shippensburg, whom she leaves to mourn her loss.

The funeral will take place from her late residence on West King Street, Saturday morning, August 22nd, at 11 a.m.

The Evening News=Item, Winchester, Virginia, Wednesday, August 19, 1903

Invalid goes to Long Rest

Mrs. Mary Sierer died at 315 o'clock this morning at her home in Chambersburg after sustaining a stroke of paralysis last Monday afternoon which left her unconscious until the end came. The funeral will take place Friday afternoon and Rev. Mr. Stine, of the Methodist Church, of which the deceased was a member will officiate.

Mrs. Sierer was a Miss Knight and was 69 years of age. Some six years age she was paralyzed, and had been an invalid ever since. She is survived by six sons and daughters -- Mrs. Charles Fuller, of this city; Mrs. Walter Ritter, Mrs. Maurice Lemaster, Miss May, and, John and William Sierer, all of Chambersburg, and one sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Clippinger, of Shippensburg.

Mrs. Fuller and her daughter, Miss Florence, who has resided with her grandmother a number of years, were called to Chambersburg Monday, but Miss Fuller returned home yesterday. She and her father and her sister, Miss Mamie Fuller, will attend the funeral.

Children of Adam Sierer and Mary Jane Knight

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Headstones of Adam Sierer & Mary Jane Knight; Elizabeth & M. D. Lemaster; May Sierer; and Walter, Anna, & Maurice Ritter

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Unknown article

Frank Sierer, was an Usher at a Wedding of Seider/Phillips;

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania,

Mr. Frank Sierer, wife, son and mother are here from New York where he has a fine position with the great Steel Combine, to spend a vacation period in their native town.

Lemnos Factory - manufactured edge tools; located in western part of town, north of Loudoun Street. The building was subsequently used by H. Sierer & Company to make furniture.