The Story of One Hundred Old Homes in Winchester, Virginia

Prepared For Farmers and Merchants National Bank Winchester, Virginia - By Garland R. Quarles 1967

The Steele House
338 Amherst Street -- Now the Property of Robert E. Glover

This old brick residence occupies ground which was originally a part of Col. James Wood's estate. A complete description of the transfer of this property from the first conveyance to the time when it was acquired by James M. Mason may be found in the write-up on Selma in this publication. Senator Mason, as we indicate there, bought the property in 1829 from Richard W. Barton (F.D.B.55 - Page 280) and conveyed the part of the area he purchased at that date to Robert Steele on January 11, 1845. (F.D.B. 73 - Page 221).

Mr. William Greenway Russell, writing in 1874 of this part of Winchester, says "We will now go to the northwestern road, and the first we meet with of whom I have not spoken is my Scotch friend, Mr. Robert Steele, who settled here some thirty-five years ago, and I would give a hearty welcome to a thousand more like him. Mr. Steele, though a bachelor, has heard his particular friend say that there must be children in all well-regulated households; therefore, he has gathered around him his nephews and nieces. Mr. Steele has built a comfortable house and established a fine flower and vegetable garden". (Russell - Page 129).

On August 11, 1899, this property was conveyed by Robert Steele to Robert O. Smith. (F.D.B. 119 - Page 474). Upon the death of Robert G. Smith, his son Robert S. Smith acquired the interests of all the other heirs in the property, an on August 30, 1906 he sold the house and lot to Emily J.B. Hook. (F.D.B.127- Page 213). Mrs. Emily J.B. Hook in turn sold it to Ferdinand Williams (F.D.B.131 - Page 96). On August 10,1910 the Cumberland Valley and Martinsburg Railroad Acquired the property from Ferdinand Williams (F.D.B.132 - Page 2) and Hohn D. Glover bought it from the Railroad Company. (W.D.B.75 - Page 481).

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On July 25, 1957 John D. Glover conveyed the Steele house and lot to his son, Robert E. Glover, the present owner. (W.D.B.78 - Page 462).