Various Waidner Families in the United States

  1. Descendents of Philipp Jacob Waidner. Arrived in Baltimore from Herrenalb, Kingdom of Württemberg, 1830. John Thompson Waidner, Jr., of Carmel, Indiana, is descended from Philipp.
  2. Descendents of Louis Waidner. From Wittemberg, Germany. Settled in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1849. C. D Waidner of Atlanta, Georgia, is descended from Louis.
  3. Descendents of Christopher Frederick Waidner. Settled in Mishawaka, Indiana, from Herrenalb, Kingdom of Württemberg, 1882. Bill Waidner of Morrow, Ohio, is a grandson of Christopher.
  4. Descendents of Georg Friedrich Waidner and Regina Barbara Kull. Immigrated from Herrenalb to the US in 1854, eventually settling in Azalia, Monroe County, Michigan.
  5. Johanna (Hanna) Waidner, sister of Georg Friedrich Waidner, married Christoff Fr. Kull, immigrated to US in 1880 (?) and settled in Strasburg, Illinois.
  6. Descendents of Gottlob Fr. Waidner and his brother, Carl Friedrich Waidner, who immigrated from Herrenalb about 1895, settling in Columbus, Ohio. John Carl Waidner, Mandarin, Florida, is a grandson of Gottlob.
  7. Family and Waidners in Ohio (Columbus, Toledo, Youngstown), descended from John Waidner? Arrived from Herrenalb in 1907?
  8. Descendents of ___________________, a son of Christopher Frederick Waidner. Settled in Ypsilanti, Michigan.