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, (marriage to Caroline Regina Waidner) (i2155) (living status unknown)


Albright, Charles (marriage to Elizabeth Eustina Waidner) (i2176) (living status unknown)
Albright, Charles William (i868), b.1856-d.1888
Albright, Edward Everett (i890), b.1860-d.1860
Albright, Elizabeth Carpenter (i231), b.1878-d.1961
Albright, Elizabeth Carpenter (marriage to Edward Henry Witthuhn) (i231), b.1878-d.1961
Albright, Emilia Frederica (i834), b.1848-d.1921
Albright, Frank Waidner (i900), b.1862-d.1934
Albright, George Walton (i879), b.1858-d.1939
Albright, Henry Andrew (i845), b.1852-d.1852
Albright, Henry Andrew Augustus (i661), b.1817-d.1898
Albright, Henry Andrew Augustus (marriage to Caroline Williamina Waidner) (i661), b.1817-d.1898
Albright, Henry Augustus (i857), b.1853-d.1933
Albright, Louis Henry (i587), b.1850-d.1907
Albright, Louis Henry (marriage to Agnes Stewart Brooks) (i587), b.1850-d.1907
Albright, Luella Stewart (i952), b.1886-
Albright, Mary Brooks (i943), b.1883-d.1969
Albright, Wilbur Rhodes (i932), b.1875-d.1882


Anna Catharina (marriage to Hanss Waidner) (i4074), b.1618-d.1705


Baker, Clara (marriage to George Washington Witthuhn) (i213), b.1885-d.1964


Barnes, Everett (marriage to Gertrude Alice Tidd) (i546), b.1901-d.1987


Barnhart, Lawrence (marriage to Beulah Louise Mahan) (i435), b.1913-d.1978


Barr, Hattie W (marriage to Frank Waidner Albright) (i262), b.1861-d.1896


Bartels, Clara Johanna (marriage to Herbert George Hehr) (i290), b.1890-d.1961
Bartels, Minnie Pauline (marriage to William Henry Hehr) (i287), b.1892-d.1970


Baxter, John Wesley (marriage to Nancy Llewellyn Mitchell) (i424) (living status unknown)


Bingell, (i1709), b.1862-d.1862
Bingell, Alexandrina (i502), b.1860-
Bingell, Anna Jeanetta (i272), b.1851-d.1933
Bingell, C D J (i268), b.1850-d.1888
Bingell, Eduardine Elizabeth (i271), b.1860-d.1939
Bingell, Edward Wilhelm (i750), b.1819-d.1883
Bingell, Edward Wilhelm (marriage to Marie Amalie Birckenhauer) (i750), b.1819-d.1883
Bingell, Ferdinand C (i565), b.1846-
Bingell, Frederica (i269), b.1853-d.1853
Bingell, H M E (i270), b.1855-d.1886
Bingell, Josephine (i739), b.1863-d.1932
Bingell, Josephine (marriage to John Edward Krauskopf) (i739), b.1863-d.1932


Birckenhauer, Adolph (marriage to Alexandrina Bingell) (i576), b.1862-
Birckenhauer, Marie Amalie (i760), b.1822-d.1894
Birckenhauer, Marie Amalie (marriage to Edward Wilhelm Bingell) (i760), b.1822-d.1894


Bittman, Maria Barbara (i4080) (living status unknown)


Black, Sarah Jane (i1721) (living status unknown)
Black, Sarah Jane (marriage to John Caldwell Mahan Sr) (i1721) (living status unknown)


Bodley, Ida (marriage to J William Brooks) (i278), b.1863-d.1933


Boughner, Alice M (i1149), b.1892-d.1976
Boughner, Emma O (i1227) (still alive)
Boughner, Hulie (i1670), b.1891-d.1922
Boughner, John M (i1665), b.1847-
Boughner, John M (marriage to Sarah Ellen Poole) (i1665), b.1847-
Boughner, Myrtle Estella (i1651), b.1881-d.1954
Boughner, Myrtle Estella (marriage to George Carrothers Tidd) (i1651), b.1881-d.1954


Braun, Dorothea (marriage to Daniel George Hirsch) (i495), b.1851-d.1924


Brooks, Agnes Stewart (i598), b.1852-d.1923
Brooks, Agnes Stewart (marriage to Louis Henry Albright) (i598), b.1852-d.1923
Brooks, J William (i274), b.1858-d.1922
Brooks, Robert (i701) (living status unknown)
Brooks, Susan (i276), d.1933


Carpenter, Matthew (marriage to Susan Brooks) (i277) (living status unknown)


Cawthorne, Goldie Gertrude (marriage to George Washington Mahan) (i425), b.1889-d.1966


Clark, Howard Chew (marriage to Mary Brooks Albright) (i921), b.1874-d.1950
Clark, Robert (marriage to Emilia Frederica Albright) (i911), b.1846-d.1921


Conger, Elijah (marriage to Mary Nancy Mahan) (i1675), b.1886-


Cottrell, Scott (marriage to Lucy Hehr) (i332) (living status unknown)


Cramp, (i1657) (living status unknown)


Ditman, Maria (marriage to Henry Andrew Augustus Albright) (i312), b.1836-d.1884


Dobelman, Rosanna M (marriage to Henry Andrew Augustus Albright) (i311), b.1827-d.1847


Dummer, Edward (marriage to Gertrude Hehr) (i288) (living status unknown)


Eltringham, James Oscar (marriage to Ola Katherine Mahan) (i1676), b.1910-d.1968


Faust, Jacob (marriage to Mary Waidner) (i2175), b.1849-d.1926


Fischer, Elizabeth (i770) (living status unknown)
Fischer, Elizabeth (marriage to Hartmann Krauskopf) (i770) (living status unknown)


Fleming, John (marriage to Vera Marie Tidd) (i1722), d.1961


Fonner, George, II (marriage to Beatrice Leahnor Mahan) (i434), b.1917-d.1990


Forrester, Martha (marriage to Bernie Albee Mitchell) (i426), d.1976


Franke, Helen Louise (marriage to Fred Daniel Hehr) (i291), b.1900-d.1979


Freshwater, Lucille (marriage to Roy Wesley Mahan) (i1679) (living status unknown)


Frew, Sarah Jane (marriage to Charles W Waidner) (i2118), b.1840-d.1918


Fuller, (marriage to Philopena Waidner) (i2146) (living status unknown)


Gaissert, Anna Catharina (marriage to Johann Martin Waidner) (i4070) (living status unknown)


Glaser, Christine (i802) (living status unknown)


Gruetter, Anna Maria (marriage to Louis A Waidner) (i2169), b.1846-d.1911


Hart, (marriage to Hannah Katherine Reisor) (i1294), b.1862-
Hart, Daniel (marriage to Catherine Hehr) (i636), b.1825-


Hawthorne, Jane (marriage to James William Tidd) (i1145) (living status unknown)


Hehr, Catherine (i634), b.1841-
Hehr, Charles (i279), b.1876-d.1877
Hehr, Fred Daniel (i284), b.1895-d.1955
Hehr, Gertrude (i281), b.1880-d.1949
Hehr, Gotlieb (i792) (living status unknown)
Hehr, Herbert George (i283), b.1888-d.1972
Hehr, Hilda (i253), b.1890-d.1971
Hehr, Hilda (marriage to Edward Ferdinand Krauskopf) (i253), b.1890-d.1971
Hehr, Lucy (i282), b.1885-d.1972
Hehr, Myrtle D (i360), b.1894-d.1895
Hehr, Walter (i286), b.1882-
Hehr, William Henry (i280), b.1878-d.1964
Hehr, William John (i652), b.1849-d.1903
Hehr, William John (marriage to Elizabeth Hirsch) (i652), b.1849-d.1903


Henthorn, Elizabeth Ann (i1664), d.1920
Henthorn, Elizabeth Ann (marriage to James William Tidd) (i1664), d.1920
Henthorn, John (marriage to Alice M Boughner) (i1150) (living status unknown)


Hesse, Edgar H (marriage to Luella Stewart Albright) (i267)


Hirsch, Charles (i488), b.1844-d.1893
Hirsch, Conrad (i489), b.1862-d.1915
Hirsch, Daniel (i812), b.1830-
Hirsch, Daniel (marriage to Philopena Weiss) (i812), b.1830-
Hirsch, Daniel George (i491), b.1850-d.1931
Hirsch, Elizabeth (i781), b.1855-d.1930
Hirsch, Elizabeth (marriage to William John Hehr) (i781), b.1855-d.1930
Hirsch, Jacob (i492), b.1850-d.1926


Hummer, Cassandra (marriage to Jacob Waidner) (i2116), b.1842-d.1873


Johnson, Helen Margaret (marriage to Homer Russell Tidd) (i484), b.1914-d.1987
Johnson, Helen Margaret (marriage to Homer Russell Tidd) (i484), b.1914-d.1987


Kiesel, Robert (marriage to Edith Lenore Tidd) (i517) (living status unknown)


Kneller, Anna Christiana (i2108) (living status unknown)
Kneller, Anna Christiana (marriage to August Ludwig Waidner) (i2108) (living status unknown)
Kneller, Margaret (marriage to Charles F Waidner) (i2124), b.1808-d.1885


Krauskopf, (i261) (living status unknown)
Krauskopf, (i1128) (living status unknown)
Krauskopf, (i1129) (living status unknown)
Krauskopf, Charles (i259), b.1854-
Krauskopf, Edward Ferdinand (i242), b.1889-d.1972
Krauskopf, Edward Ferdinand (marriage to Hilda Hehr) (i242), b.1889-d.1972
Krauskopf, Elizabeth (i194) (living status unknown)
Krauskopf, Elizabeth Josephine (i651), b.1918-d.1984
Krauskopf, Elizabeth Josephine (marriage to Louis Albright Witthuhn) (i651), b.1918-d.1984
Krauskopf, Elmer Hartmann (i258) (living status unknown)
Krauskopf, George (i260) (living status unknown)
Krauskopf, Hartmann (i734), b.1826-d.1884
Krauskopf, Jeannette Gertrude (i275) (still alive)
Krauskopf, John Edward (i723), b.1858-d.1938
Krauskopf, John Edward (marriage to Josephine Bingell) (i723), b.1858-d.1938
Krauskopf, Marie (i257), b.1885-
Krauskopf, Martha Lucille (i295) (still alive)
Krauskopf, Robert Edward (i264), b.1927-d.1986
Krauskopf, Vera Charlotte (i285), b.1922-d.1922
Krauskopf, Vera Gertrude (i256), b.1891-d.1950


Krees, Margaret (marriage to Charles William Albright) (i2113)


Kull, Johannes (i2101)
Kull, Johannes (marriage to Maria Catherine Mohrmann) (i2101)
Kull, Rosina Barbara (i2093), b.1779-d.1828
Kull, Rosina Barbara (marriage to Philip Jacob Waidner) (i2093), b.1779-d.1828
Kull, Theresia (i2095), b.1749-d.1811
Kull, Theresia (marriage to Johann Jacob Waidner) (i2095), b.1749-d.1811


Lane, Philip (marriage to Augusta Waidner) (i2120)


Lannum, Katherine (i1228) (living status unknown)


Mahan, (i462) (living status unknown)
Mahan, (i1116) (living status unknown)
Mahan, (i1117) (living status unknown)
Mahan, (i1118) (living status unknown)
Mahan, (i1119) (living status unknown)
Mahan, (i1120) (living status unknown)
Mahan, (i1121) (living status unknown)
Mahan, (i1122) (living status unknown)
Mahan, (i1123) (living status unknown)
Mahan, (i1124) (living status unknown)
Mahan, (i1125) (living status unknown)
Mahan, (i1126) (living status unknown)
Mahan, (i1127) (living status unknown)
Mahan, Beatrice Leahnor (i415), b.1918-d.1986
Mahan, Beulah Louise (i416), b.1923-d.1947
Mahan, Carl (i515) (still alive)
Mahan, Ellis Jones (i408), b.1884-d.1967
Mahan, George Washington (i1659), b.1881-d.1967
Mahan, Hazel (i514) (living status unknown)
Mahan, Henry Logan (i1660), b.1903-d.1984
Mahan, Henry Logan (marriage to Emma Lee Mitchell) (i1660), b.1903-d.1984
Mahan, Jesse (i413), b.1901-d.1901
Mahan, John (i1710) (still alive)
Mahan, John Caldwell, Jr (i1656), b.1849-d.1920
Mahan, John Caldwell, Jr (marriage to Hannah Katherine Reisor) (i1656), b.1849-d.1920
Mahan, John Caldwell, Sr (i1720), b.1834-
Mahan, John Wesley (i405), b.1889-d.1960
Mahan, John Wesley (marriage to Ola Katherine Mitchell) (i405), b.1889-d.1960
Mahan, Katherine (i410), b.1891-d.1951
Mahan, Leonora (i412), b.1897-d.1961
Mahan, Margaret Elizabeth (i620), b.1917-d.1993
Mahan, Margaret Elizabeth (marriage to Robert Charles Tidd) (i620), b.1917-d.1993
Mahan, Mary Nancy (i409), b.1886-d.1970
Mahan, May (i411), b.1894-d.1961
Mahan, Nancy (i513) (living status unknown)
Mahan, Nina Melissa (marriage to Robert W Mahan) (i1646), b.1879-d.1925
Mahan, Ola Katherine (i1667), b.1914-d.1963
Mahan, Robert (i1220) (living status unknown)
Mahan, Robert W (i1658), b.1876-d.1949
Mahan, Roy Wesley (i1668), b.1915-d.1978
Mahan, Samuel (i407), b.1880-d.1880
Mahan, Sarah Jane (i1322) (living status unknown)


Maria (i4073), d.1650
Maria (marriage to Hanss Waidner) (i4073), d.1650


McCarty, Catherine (i1653), d.1865
McCarty, Catherine (marriage to George Reisor) (i1653), d.1865


McGowen, (marriage to George Washington Mahan) (i465) (living status unknown)


Melchior, (marriage to Caroline Regina Waidner) (i2154) (living status unknown)


Mikels, David H (marriage to Katherine Mahan) (i1698) (living status unknown)


Mitchell, Alonzo (i1649), b.1862-d.1929
Mitchell, Alonzo (marriage to Mary Margaret Smith) (i1649), b.1862-d.1929
Mitchell, Bernie Albee (i421), b.1906-d.1969
Mitchell, Emma Lee (i1669), b.1904-d.1971
Mitchell, Emma Lee (marriage to Henry Logan Mahan) (i1669), b.1904-d.1971
Mitchell, Goldie (i1419), b.1893-d.1893
Mitchell, Mary Francis (i420) (living status unknown)
Mitchell, Mary Francis (marriage to Ellis Jones Mahan) (i420) (living status unknown)
Mitchell, Nancy Llewellyn (i419), d.1973
Mitchell, Ola Katherine (i404), b.1893-d.1946
Mitchell, Ola Katherine (marriage to John Wesley Mahan) (i404), b.1893-d.1946
Mitchell, Priscilla (i1661) (living status unknown)


Mohrmann, Maria Catherine (i2102)
Mohrmann, Maria Catherine (marriage to Johannes Kull) (i2102)


Montgomery, Jack (marriage to Leonora Mahan) (i428) (living status unknown)


Muegee, Caroline (marriage to Ferdinand C Bingell) (i504), b.1851-
Muegee, Mary L (marriage to Ferdinand C Bingell) (i568), b.1847-d.1909


Petcher, (i210) (living status unknown)
Petcher, (marriage to Philip Winter) (i210) (living status unknown)


Philippina (i1635) (living status unknown)


Poole, Sarah Ellen (i1666), b.1858-
Poole, Sarah Ellen (marriage to John M Boughner) (i1666), b.1858-


Pope, Jacob (marriage to Regina Magdalena Waidner) (i2158) (living status unknown)


Rebecca (i1448) (living status unknown)


Reisor, George (i1654), d.1915
Reisor, George (marriage to Catherine McCarty) (i1654), d.1915
Reisor, George, Jr (i1231) (living status unknown)
Reisor, Grealy (i1232) (living status unknown)
Reisor, Hannah Katherine (i1655), b.1862-d.1909
Reisor, Hannah Katherine (marriage to John Caldwell Mahan Jr) (i1655), b.1862-d.1909
Reisor, Ida (i1234) (living status unknown)
Reisor, Jane (i1233) (living status unknown)
Reisor, May (i1236) (living status unknown)
Reisor, William (i1230) (living status unknown)


Rensch, Elizabeth Juliana (i2097), b.1718-d.1755
Rensch, Elizabeth Juliana (marriage to Johan Jacob Waidner) (i2097), b.1718-d.1755


Ryland, Carrie (marriage to Henry Augustus Albright) (i2110) (living status unknown)


Schardong, Bertha (marriage to George Walton Albright) (i266) (living status unknown)


Shaw, John George (marriage to Amelia Rosina Waidner) (i2163), b.1835-d.1928


Simmons, Sarah Jane (marriage to C D J Bingell) (i273), b.1848-d.1921


Smith, George Robert (marriage to Vera Marie Tidd) (i545), b.1918-d.1993
Smith, Joseph (i1662) (living status unknown)
Smith, Mary Margaret (i1650), b.1862-d.1941
Smith, Mary Margaret (marriage to Alonzo Mitchell) (i1650), b.1862-d.1941


Steinmeyer, Caroline (marriage to John W Waidner) (i2126), b.1810-d.1872


Steinmyer, Fredericka (marriage to Jacob Philip Waidner) (i2160) (living status unknown)


Straevel, Fredericka (marriage to August Ludwig Waidner) (i2122), b.1808-d.1898


Strobel, Katherine (marriage to Walter Hehr) (i541), b.1887-


Stroebel, William (marriage to Lucy Hehr) (i289), b.1881-d.1943


Stuart, Agnes (i712) (living status unknown)


Taggart, Elizabeth (i690) (living status unknown)
Taggart, Robert (i680) (living status unknown)


Thomas, Lillian Sophia (marriage to Henry A Waidner) (i2173), b.1858-d.1912
Thomas, Mary Catherine (marriage to Frederick August Waidner) (i2165), b.1851-d.1916


Tidd, Carissa (i1449) (living status unknown)
Tidd, Edith Lenore (i1672), b.1904-
Tidd, George Carrothers (i1652), b.1878-d.1957
Tidd, George Carrothers (marriage to Myrtle Estella Boughner) (i1652), b.1878-d.1957
Tidd, George Junior (i1671), b.1915-d.1953
Tidd, Gertrude Alice (i1673), b.1906-d.1986
Tidd, Homer Russell (i1674), b.1910-d.1976
Tidd, James William (i1663), b.1844-
Tidd, James William (marriage to Elizabeth Ann Henthorn) (i1663), b.1844-
Tidd, John (i1447) (living status unknown)
Tidd, Joseph (i1451) (living status unknown)
Tidd, Mary Joan (i304) (still alive)
Tidd, Mary Virginia (i1711), b.1912-d.1913
Tidd, Mildred Violet (i516), b.1922-d.1995
Tidd, Nancy Louise (i417) (still alive)
Tidd, Olive Regina (i1169), b.1914-d.1914
Tidd, Rephamy (i1450) (living status unknown)
Tidd, Robert Charles (i609), b.1919-d.1989
Tidd, Robert Charles (marriage to Margaret Elizabeth Mahan) (i609), b.1919-d.1989
Tidd, Vera Marie (i422), b.1917-d.1995


Vaas, Hannah (marriage to Charles Hirsch) (i493), b.1848-


Waidner, (i2098), b.1747-
Waidner, (i2099), b.1747-
Waidner, (i2100), b.1747-
Waidner, (i2152), b.1810-
Waidner, (i4075) (living status unknown)
Waidner, (i4076) (living status unknown)
Waidner, (i4077) (living status unknown)
Waidner, (i4078) (living status unknown)
Waidner, (i4081) (living status unknown)
Waidner, (i4082) (living status unknown)
Waidner, (i4083) (living status unknown)
Waidner, (i4084) (living status unknown)
Waidner, (i4085) (living status unknown)
Waidner, (i4086) (living status unknown)
Waidner, (i4087) (living status unknown)
Waidner, (i4088) (living status unknown)
Waidner, (i4089) (living status unknown)
Waidner, (i4090) (living status unknown)
Waidner, Adam (i2156), b.1813-
Waidner, Amelia Rosina (i2162), b.1839-d.1925
Waidner, August Ludwig (i2090), b.1805-d.1873
Waidner, Augusta (i2119)
Waidner, Caroline Regina (i2153), b.1812-
Waidner, Caroline Williamina (i670), b.1834-d.1864
Waidner, Caroline Williamina (marriage to Henry Andrew Augustus Albright) (i670), b.1834-d.1864
Waidner, Charles F (i2123), b.1805-d.1872
Waidner, Charles W (i2117), b.1836-d.1896
Waidner, Christina Fredericka (i2106), b.1803-
Waidner, Elizabeth Eustina (i2091), b.1833-
Waidner, Frederick August (i2164), b.1842-d.1926
Waidner, Gottlob Friedrich (i2161), b.1821-
Waidner, Hanss (i4072), b.1607-d.1703
Waidner, Hanss (marriage to Maria) (i4072), b.1607-d.1703
Waidner, Henry A (i2172), b.1847-
Waidner, Jacob (i2115), b.1835-d.1877
Waidner, Jacob Philip (i2159), b.1818-d.1872
Waidner, Johan Jacob (i2096), b.1714-d.1768
Waidner, Johan Jacob (i2105), b.1801-
Waidner, Johan Jacob (marriage to Elizabeth Juliana Rensch) (i2096), b.1714-d.1768
Waidner, Johann Jacob (i2094), b.1747-d.1816
Waidner, Johann Jacob (i4071) (living status unknown)
Waidner, Johann Jacob (marriage to Theresia Kull) (i2094), b.1747-d.1816
Waidner, Johann Ludwig (i2103), b.1799-
Waidner, Johann Martin (i4065), b.1680-d.1756
Waidner, Johann Martin (i4069), b.1727-d.1764
Waidner, Johanna Philipina (i2121), b.1832-
Waidner, John W (i2125), b.1807-d.1892
Waidner, Joseph (i4068), b.1724-d.1806
Waidner, Louis A (i2168), b.1845-d.1869
Waidner, Mary (i2174), b.1850-d.1918
Waidner, Moritz (i4067) (living status unknown)
Waidner, Philip Jacob (i2092), b.1775-d.1853
Waidner, Philip Jacob (marriage to Rosina Barbara Kull) (i2092), b.1775-d.1853
Waidner, Philopena (i2145), b.1808-
Waidner, Regina Catherine (i2104), b.1800-
Waidner, Regina Magdalena (i2157), b.1815-


Walther, Maria Magdalena (i4066) (living status unknown)
Walther, Maria Magdalena (marriage to Johann Martin Waidner) (i4066) (living status unknown)


Weiss, Conrad (i292) (living status unknown)
Weiss, Philopena (i823), b.1819-d.1907
Weiss, Philopena (marriage to Daniel Hirsch) (i823), b.1819-d.1907


White, Alice (marriage to George Junior Tidd) (i1157) (living status unknown)


Wilt, Jacob (marriage to Christina Fredericka Waidner) (i2107)


Winter, Matilda (i95), b.1852-d.1907
Winter, Matilda (marriage to August Witthuhn) (i95), b.1852-d.1907
Winter, Philip (i209), b.1829-d.1924
Winter, Philip (i533) (living status unknown)


Witthuhn, (i1737), b.1905-d.1905
Witthuhn, August (i2), b.1850-d.1932
Witthuhn, August (marriage to Matilda Winter) (i2), b.1850-d.1932
Witthuhn, Edward Henry (i175), b.1880-d.1938
Witthuhn, Edward Henry (marriage to Elizabeth Carpenter Albright) (i175), b.1880-d.1938
Witthuhn, Elizabeth Ann (i402) (still alive)
Witthuhn, Frances (i211), b.1909-d.1909
Witthuhn, George Washington (i386), b.1882-d.1923
Witthuhn, Harry F (i396) (still alive)
Witthuhn, Jennifer Ann (i468) (still alive)
Witthuhn, Louis Albright (i550), b.1915-d.1991
Witthuhn, Louis Albright (marriage to Elizabeth Josephine Krauskopf) (i550), b.1915-d.1991
Witthuhn, Maida Eileen (i856) (still alive)
Witthuhn, Norman Edward (i1) (still alive)
Witthuhn, Wilbur Rhodes (i212), b.1914-d.1914

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